In 2012 I tattooed a little eight-letter word on my wrist that has changed the entire trajectory of my life. Becoming is more than just a phrase or pretty idea or token of inspiration. Becoming is a way of life, a journey we’re all traveling on. Embracing my becoming journey has not only empowered other women to embrace their’s as well, but it has stirred up inside me my heart’s cry & life’s passion: to partner with women, to cheer them on, to equip them on the journey of becoming who God made them to be.

So this is me. I’m a woman passionate about storytelling, good cups of coffee, and convertible drives blaring T. Swift’s latest album. I’m a University of Florida and College of Central Florida grad. I’m a PK who stayed in ministry. And I love it. Watching women find their voice and share their story is why I get out of bed every day. And most importantly, I’m passionately pursuing becoming the woman God made me to be.

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Creative Director

Katie Cummins serves at Saddleback Church as the Program Coordinator for Saddleback Kids. Katie is passionate about not only creating epic environments for kids to experience the radical grace of Jesus in, but also equipping parents to invest in their kids spiritually too.

When she’s not coming up with epic dance moves to the latest kids worship song, you can find her at Disneyland or embracing her inner mermaid at the beach.


Designer & Writer

Alexis Reinsel is an Orange County native and loving married life with her dreamboat husband, Ryan! She is currently serving as a Communication Specialist at Saddleback Church and has a passion for serving our Lord. At an early age, God had planted a desire in her heart to live a life that pours into young women’s lives. She loves the adventure God has her on, especially the surprising twists and turns He guides her through, to her those make for the best becoming stories.

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Allie Reefer is a full-on participant in the slash generation, filling the roles of writer/musician/social activist/traveler/still figuring out the rest. In addition to being active in her small group and the worship team at North Way Christian Community East End, she spends much of her time working with Living in Liberty, a Pittsburgh-based anti-human trafficking organization that is working to restore victims and raise awareness. She’ll talk your ear off about anything relating to human trafficking, immigration, sustainable development, and Eastern Europe. She loves deep conversations about policy and theology, mini-adventures and inside jokes with her sister, crime dramas and sitcoms, and coffee, of course.

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Amanda Zecher is a West Coast girl adventuring on the East Coast. Fueled by coffee and chai tea lattes, this nomadic California native can be found exploring, creating, or day-dreaming.

She is passionate about helping people discover and live up to their full God-potential through serving in communications and creative arts in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, at Barefoot Church. 

Watch the music video for Amanda’s original song, “Becoming”, here.

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Heather Snodgrass is 23 and lives in Nashville with her brand new, hot husband, Taylor. Still trying to figure this whole marriage thing out, Heather is passionate about sharing what she’s learned about love and life with others however she can. She works in digital marketing and in her spare time you can find her training for half marathons with her husband, painting her most recent Pinterest finds, or watching all of the cheesy chick flicks on Netflix.

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Brianna Nelson is a Southern California native that currently resides in Nashville, TN. She loves reading, listening to music & going to concerts, spending time outdoors with her friends, & playing with her puppy Ginny, a 4 month old Dachshund. She works at the Hospital Corporation of America. Watch Brianna’s Becoming Story here.

Caitlin Mae is an amateur adventure curator, currently residing in Nashville, TN, where she’s navigating her 20’s with a broken compass. She spends her days exploring her own heart and searching for the gold in others’, with the help of venti vanilla lattes (hot, extra shot) and Jesus. She’s been told she’s terrible at responding to text messages but gives amazing hugs. Her tiny corner of the internet exists at www.leftofmae.com.

Kelsey is the girl who will tell you Texas is the best state, but Nashville is the best city. She loves vanilla lattes, reading, and watching reruns of Friends and New Girl on Netflix. She loves Jesus, is fluent in sarcasm, works in the music industry, and attends Cross Point Church. She has her own blog at riotkelsey.wordpress.com if you want to follow along.

Katie Bivens lives in Houston, Texas, with her seriously adorable beagle (George the Beagle) and her seriously overweight cat (Sir Fat Rigby). She loves to read, has a habit of naming everything after a Beatles reference, and writes honestly about the hard things in life, believing that faith is all that is required of us. Katie has journeyed through discovering financial peace (#daveramsey), what it feels like to drive the loss of a loved one, and the discoveries of God’s apparent hand in our lives. Watch Katie’s Becoming Story here.

Brooklyn Oseguera is a God follower, newlywed, Communications major, aspiring author & coffee lover. At a young age, she began to enjoy creative writing & later rediscovered her passion in college when God put it on her heart to start her own blog. Shortly after being obedient to His call to write, He placed a dream within her to write her first book. She is currently working on that book, which she hopes to publish soon. In the meantime, she still continues to write in her blog when she can, as she also spends her time singing in the worship team at Capital Christian Center in Sacramento, CA & enjoying quality time with her husband, family & friends. If you would like to get connected & stay updated on her writing journey, follow her on her blog or on her instagram.

Ashley Mays writes award-winning fiction to inspire young women toward strength, dignity, and laughter. She is represented by Rachel Kent of Books & Such Literary Agency. Ashley is unabashedly introverted, a lover of heart-to-heart conversations, and enthusiastic about mentorship. You’re welcome to start a conversation with her on her Facebook profile, her Facebook pageTwitterInstagram, or her website. If you’d like to hear from her once every few months, her email newsletter is always open to new subscribers.

David Clark lives in Bloomington, Indiana where he works as a Copywriter at James & Matthew, an advertising agency. He is passionate about creativity, social media, running, and Chipotle.