In 2012 I tattooed a little eight-letter word on my wrist that has changed the entire trajectory of my life. Becoming is more than just a phrase or pretty idea or token of inspiration. Becoming is a way of life, a journey we’re all traveling on. Embracing my becoming journey has not only empowered other women to embrace their’s as well, but it has stirred up inside me my heart’s cry & life’s passion: to partner with women, to cheer them on, to equip them on the journey of becoming who God made them to be.

So this is me. I’m a woman passionate about storytelling, good cups of coffee, and convertible drives blaring T. Swift’s latest album. I’m a University of Florida and College of Central Florida grad. I’m a PK who stayed in ministry. And I love it. Watching women find their voice and share their story is why I get out of bed every day. And most importantly, I’m passionately pursuing becoming the woman God made me to be.

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