Why Is It Important To Share Your Story?

There can be something so scary about the idea of sharing your life story. It can feel so big and intimidating. Where should you start? Who needs to hear it? And why is it even important to tell your story?

To experience authentic living.

Not everyone is comfortable sharing all of their story, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If you’re not someone who has ever thought about this idea before, you may need to figure out what your story really is first. If you’re someone who tends to be more closed off, you might have to start small, by sharing pieces of your story with those you are closest with, or simply by writing them down. It can take time to work into sharing your story fully. That’s okay! You weren’t meant to share everything with everyone. You’ll have to decide who gets to hear what. Just don’t be scared away by taking on too much too soon. Remember: When we allow our stories to only exist internally, we don’t get to truly live as our best selves. We’re hiding pieces of who we are away from the world. It’s not until we begin to open ourselves up and communicate our story that we begin to really experience authenticity. And there are few things that feel better than authentic living.

To learn and grow.

It’s hard to learn from something that is kept hidden. Whatever is kept in the dark cannot grow. The more that we practice telling our story, the more we can begin to see it more clearly. And as we begin to see it with fresh eyes and new perspectives from those around us, we can learn from our experiences and begin the process of becoming better, more confident people. This growth can only happen whenever we begin to lean into the story of who we are, and stop fighting it.

To inspire others.

One of the best parts about learning to share your story is the way it can inspire others. While this shouldn’t necessarily be your primary goal, it is a wonderful by-product of honesty. The words “me too” are so powerful, and we all need to hear them. You might get to be that person for someone else when you’re brave enough to open yourself up to sharing your own experiences—the good, the bad, and the ugly.

You may not find yourself in a situation where you are forced outside of your comfort zone to share your story with others anytime soon. You may have to start seeking out those opportunities with close friends or small groups. Begin to brainstorm ways you can practice sharing your story. It’s not always going to be easy, but it’s always going to lead to a better life.

Author: David Clark

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