A Different Kind of SHE. . .

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SHE. who is she? what does she look like? could i be she? she is DIFFERENT. . .

SHE is friendly, compassionate, kind, and looks to the best interests of others. . .

SHE dances like no one is watching. . .

SHE wakes up each day knowing she has a purpose. . .

SHE is guided, mentored, loved, and has a hunger and thirst for knowledge. . .

SHE is beautiful no matter how long she stands in front of the mirror. . .

SHE works diligently, accomplishes her goals, and lives for a higher purpose than that of herself. . .

SHE is spunky, refreshing, witty, and fun. . .

SHE is. . .YOU.

Author: staciecastleberry@gmail.com

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  • Rosanne Sommers

    Thanks Emily, that is who I want to be…:-)

    Thanks for the email!


  • Anonymous

    Dear Emily,
    “A different kind of SHE” is awsome! I’ve read it from beginning to end with admiration of the people you’ve mentioned. That makes me think of great people around me.
    I read your blog by chance (when I’m finding a pic of Taylor Swift). But I thank God for that.
    Best wishes to you and the ones you love.

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